Benefits of Boxing


Boxing is a sport that involves using your fist, while wearing protective gloves, and practicing the art of fighting in a ring. This sport does not necessarily have to be in the ring and can be applied more for training and getting your body in the best shape possible.

Boxing can be performed from a very young age all the way to the adult stage of your life and as long you are training hard, you can see a lot of results. Benefits when taking up boxing is getting a good cardio workout in, learning how to fight with discipline and working out many body parts together.

Let’s now take a look at more benefits that occur when you start boxing on a regular basis:


1. You can train to box in many places like in the ring, at the gym or at home


2. You can maintain your physical health and shape when you are boxing


3. Boxing is a fun sport


4. You can let your frustration out by punching a punching bag


5. As you are boxing, you can gain more strength, speed, agility, power, hand-eye coordination and endurance


6. Improves Cardiovascular Health


7. Boxing is good for your upper body, lower body and core


8. As you are boxing, you can add more training such as push-ups, planks, jump rope, and using a weighted medicine ball


9. Your stress will decrease more


10. You can take your boxing skills to the next level by competing in boxing matches


11. Many athletes can use boxing to get in better shape


12. Certain basic boxing skills you can learn jab and hook moves, upper cut punches and using your feet for quick footwork


13. Boxing burns a lot of calories


14. You can get a full-body workout in when you’re boxing


15. You work out body parts such as your arms, biceps, triceps, deltoids, chest, abs, shoulders, back and legs


16. Boxing makes the body leaner and keep help you lose weight


17. You gain more muscle mass


18. Enhances your blood circulation in the body




19. Kids can start learning how to box at a very young age


20. Boxing Improves Motor Functions


21. Helps you with physical and mental toughness


22. Teaches you how to fight with discipline


23. Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence


24. Makes body parts work together


25. Increases hormones in the body



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