Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that has provided many medicinal and pharmaceutical wonders to the human body. This yellowish pale liquid has been used for many years for health related factors and many people continue to use this oil for all types of skin, hair, body and facial purposes.

Benefits of using castor oil are for skin care, hair strength and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are more benefits and uses that castor oil plays when used on a daily below:


1. Promotes stronger, thicker and healthier hair


2. Can be used as a laxative


3. Gets rid of acne, mole and cyst


4. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties


5. You can use castor oil as a skin moisturizer


6. Good for Skin Care


7. Heals Wounds Faster


8. Fights Fungus


9. Contains Vitamin E


Castor Oil


10. Restores Uneven Skin Tones


11. Reduces Risk of Blackhead Development


12. Does not Clog Pores


13. Protects skin from bacterial infections


14. Top treatment for dry skin


15. Removes dirt from skin


16. Strengthens the Immune System


17. Good for Joint Pain


18. Can be used as a beard oil to promote beard growth




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