Benefits of Chlorophyll


Chlorophyll is a supplement that people take to perform many health wonders in their body. This supplement comes from a pigment which allows plants to make their own food and also bring out the green color on many plants that we see today.

Benefits when taking this is antioxidant it provides, the increase in red blood cell production and how it heals skin wounds fast.

Here are more benefits that occur when you take chlorophyll below:


1. Contains Antioxidant Properties


2. Contains Copper


3. Increases the production of red blood cells


4. This supplement can be taking as a liquid, powder, tablet, juice and capsule


5. Boost Energy


6. Prevents Cancer


7. Gets rid of bad body odor


8. Supports Immune System




9. Eliminates Fungus and Illness in the Body


10. Detoxes and cleans your intestines


11. Good for quick wound healing for skin


12. You can purchase Chlorophyll as an ointment and spray


13. Aids in Weight Loss


14. Provides Anti-Aging Remedies


15. Good for treating acne


16. Manages Arthritis



Here are the recommended intakes of Chlorophyll

It is recommended to take between 100 and 300 milligrams split into three daily does. Please check with your doctor to know what your typical dosage should be for your body if taken by tablet, liquid or supplement

You can also get the same amount of chlorophyll when eating a moderate high amount of green vegetable. Please check with your doctor on how much green vegetables you should eat for your daily chlorophyll intake



Chlorophyll can be found in many food products. Here is a list of foods that contains Chlorophyll below:


Green beans






Collard greens

Mustard greens





Green cabbage


Matcha green tea

Bok choy

Green Peppers

Romaine Lettuce

Green Olives

Brussels sprouts




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