Benefits of Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a team sport involving physical contact as you skate on ice using a stick to shoot a puck to the opponent’s net. This sport takes a lot of energy and skill as you are battling it out from the pee-wee, high school, college or professional level.

When you take up ice hockey, there are many benefits that come along with it to get your body in the best shape possible. Benefits such as muscle strength, better body balance and boosting your metabolism are just some of the few things that can occur while playing this sport.

Here are more benefits and also other factors that can take place when you play ice hockey below:


1. Ice Hockey is popular in the United States, Canada, Eastern Europe and Russia


2. Fighting is allowed in Ice Hockey


3. Helps Develop Cardiovascular System of the Body


4. You can burn a lot of fat and calories


5. You have better body balance, hand-eye coordination and agility


6. You gain muscle strength


7. Boost Metabolism


8. Ice Hockey is consider to be a full body workout


9. You learn the importance of team work


Ice Hockey


10. Improve your communication skills


11. Ice Hockey allows you to improve your mood


12. Good for strengthening the heart


13. Become a Better Skater


14. Gain a lot of endurance


15. If your kids get into ice hockey, they can gain good social skills


16. You can one day become a professional and play in the NHL or any other professional league


17. Helps you become tough on the ice


18. Excellent way to develop leg muscles (Hamstrings, Calves and Hip Flexor)


19. Gain better endurance for shoulder, triceps and forearm muscles


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