Benefits of National Cat Day

National Cat Day
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National Cat Day is a day to celebrate with your cat and to show them much love as possible. This day takes place on October 29 in the United States and also August 8th in Canada and it was first started to show awareness on many cats needing to be rescued and saved each year.

Many cat lovers can appreciate this day and celebrate with their feline friend and it will them know how much you care for them. There are many benefits and things you can do with your cat on this day such as giving your cat a big hug, letting them sleep with you and also giving your cat a nice massage.

Let’s take a look at more benefits and some other things that you can do to show your cat the love and attention they need on this day below:



1. On this day, your cat needs to know how much you love them


2. Take your cat out of the house and let them enjoy outside


3. Give your cat their favorite food


4. Give them a big hug


5. Adopt a cat at a local shelter or purchase one at a pet store


6. Donate toys, food and blankets to a local cat or pet shelter


7. Give your cat a nice massage


8. Play with your cat


National Cat Day


9. You can celebrate this day with your kids by making cat shaped desserts or also making cat food for your cat


10. Show your appreciation by volunteering at a cat shelter


11. Take a picture with your cat and share it on social media for all to see


12. Wear a cat t-shirt to show your awareness on this day


13. Get your cat a new bed, toy or other cat supplies that they may need


14. Brush your cat fur so they can look nice on this day


15. Throw a cat party with your family/friends and have them bring their cats over


16. Take a professional picture with your cat and hang the picture up in your home


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