Benefits of PiYo Workout

Piyo Workout

PiYo is a full body workout that combines Pilates and Yoga together. This workout has proven to show results in so many levels and it has left many people feeling really good when they perform this work out on a daily basis.

This workout was created by Turbo Kick system founder Chalene Johnson and she has shown people what can be done to get the body you always wanted. Benefits when doing this workout are burning fat and calories, improving body balance and also building endurance.

Let’s now take a look at more benefits that take place when you add PiYo to your workout routine and how you too can see quick results to your body:



1. You can burn a lot of calories and fat when you perform PiYo


2. Tone Muscles More


3. Improve Flexibility and Agility


4. Improve Posture and Balance


5. Build Endurance


6. You can try this workout at home or join a class that offers PiYo


7. Defines Your Whole Body


8. Builds Long and Lean Muscles


9. Allows you to go low –impact to protect your joints


10. Good for people new to fitness


11. PiYo adds variety to your workout


12. PiYo is fun to do


13. You can do this work out in 25-48 minutes daily


14. PIYO is a mixture of dance, stretch, athletic drills, core conditioning, and sports training


15. You don’t need equipment to perform this workout


16. Considered to be a faster pace workout


17. Help Improve Abs and Lower Back


Piyo Workout


18. PiYo is like performing a cardio workout


19. Excellent workout for people of all ages


20. You can do the workout without shoes on


21. Improves Energy


22. Reduces Stress

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