Benefits of Pouchong Tea

Pouchong Tea

Pouchong tea (also known as Bao Zhong Tea) is an oolong tea that provides a delicious, fruity and sweet taste. This healthy tea comes from Taiwan and it has proven to provide many health benefits for the body on a daily basis.

Benefits that come into play when drinking this tea is the antioxidants it provides, helps with digestion and supports skin care.

Let’s take a look at more benefits that pouchong tea has and how it can help you improve so many health factors towards your body below:


1. Pouchong tea provides a smooth floral fragrance smell that gives it a flavorful taste


2. Pouchong tea is lightly oxidized


3. Provides Antioxidants


4. This tea requires no sweeteners


5. Provides so many vitamins, nutrients, and minerals such as Amino acidsL-theanine, Fluorine, Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Sodium and Folic Acid


6. Supports Heart Health


7. Good for Skin Care


8. Supports Digestive System


9. Includes caffeine which can keep you alert and active


10. Improves Cardiovascular Health


11. Lowers Risk of Heart Diseases


12. Contains Flavonoid Quercetin


13. Helps Lower Cholesterol


Pouchong Tea


14. Promotes Weight Loss


15. Boost Metabolism


16. Strengthens Immune System


17. Improves Bones and Makes Teeth Stronger


18. Reduces the Risk of Cancer


19. Lowers the Risk of Diseases Associated with Inflammation


20. Treats Diabetes



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