Benefits of Rose Hip Tea

Rose Hip Tea

Rose hip tea is created by the berries of the rose plant which provides many medicinal and healthy benefits when you drink it. Many people drink this tea because they know how it plays a major role in keeping their body functioning properly and how it plays a significant role towards their health.

Benefits such as the high level of Vitamin C, treating the common cold and also immune system support are some of the key elements this tea has to offer.

Let’s take a quick look at more benefits rose hip teas provides below:



1. Rose hip tea is high in Vitamin C


2. Provides Antioxidant Properties


3. Supports Immune System


4. Treats the Flu and Common Cold


5. Prevents Stomach Irritation and Ulcers


6. Prevents Weight Loss


7. Relieves Constipation and Diarrhea


8. Lowers High Cholesterol


Rose Hip Tea


9. Quenches Thirst


10. Lowers High Blood Pressure


11. Provides Cancer-Fighting Properties


12. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases


13. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease


14. Reduces Inflammation


15. Detoxifies the Body


16. Good for Skin Health





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