Benefits of Rugby



Rugby is a popular sport that involves endurance, fitness, and strength. When you play this sport, you are on a team of two that focuses on pushing, tackling, kicking and throwing while running with the ball to get to the opposition’s try line.

This sport is very physical and you are always active while playing on the field. Benefits when playing this sport are building muscle, working as a team to win the game and learning about self-disciple.

Let’s now take a look at more benefits that come into play when you play Rugby below:


1. This sport is popular in Australia, South Africa, America, and Europe


2. Rugby is not played by just men, but by females as well


3. If you become good at this sport, you can try out for different Rugby Leagues


4. You can start playing this sport at a young age


5. You learn about teamwork when you play on a rugby team


6. You learn how to be disciplined, dedicated and determined while playing this sport

7. You Gain Self Confidence


8. This sport is good for cardiovascular fitness and endurance


9. You Build Muscle


10. Gain more strength on your upper and lower body


11. You can increase your ball-handling and kicking skills


12. Become faster the more you play on the field


13. You Gain Good Communication Skills


14. You can find a position that will fit you in no matter your size, shape or age


15. Learn to respect teammates, opponents and also the referees



16. You can learn about fair play while playing rugby


17. Improve Flexibility and Agility


18. Increase Bone Density


19. This sport is good to release some stress


20. This is how points are scored while playing Rugby: A try is scored when a player touches the ball to the ground in the opponent’s in-goal and then the team is then awarded five points. After a try is scored, the team is given the opportunity to score a goal by kicking the ball over the opponent’s cross-bar and in between the goal posts, scoring an additional two points, also known as conversion points


21. Rugby is known to be a tougher sport than American Football





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