Benefits of Uphill Running

Uphill Running

Uphill running is a perfect exercise when you want to work out your entire body. Not only are you working out your legs, you are also working out other body parts such as your lung muscles and heart.

Many people perform this exercise by either running up an actual hill outside or by using a treadmill which may have an uphill run option as a running chose. Some benefits when performing this run are building muscle, decreasing risk of injury and also better running performance.

Let’s take a look at more benefits provided when you add uphill running to your daily exercises below:



1. Uphill running workouts out your skeletal, lungs and heart system


2. You can do this exercise on an actual hill outside or on a treadmill


3. Helps to Build Leg Muscle


4. Gives You More Stamina


5. Builds Power and Strength


6. Helps Improve Speed


7. Gives you confidence to run more


8. Provides Upper Body Strength


Uphill Running


9. Decreases Risk of Injuries


10. Provides Better Running Performance


11. Reduces Impact on Ankle, Knee and Leg Joints


12. Testosterone Boost for Men


13. Excellent way to get in shape for CrossFit exercises


14. Builds Cardiovascular Endurance


15. Promotes weight loss from calories that you burn



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