Benefits of Watching NASCAR

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NASCAR (also known as The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is an auto racing sport that is considered to be a popular sport in America. This sport has given many fans and new fans attention because of the speed and the excitement of so many cars competing on the race track.

NASCAR was founded by Bill France Sr. back in February 21st, 1948 and has become a big time sport, especially with so many sanctioned series and over 100 tracks to date. Benefits that take occur when watching NASCAR races are seeing the different sponsorship on race cars, witnessing the speed of the cars and the rivals that compete against each other in this sport.

Let’s take a look at more benefits that take place when watching and becoming a fan of NASCAR below:


1. People watch NASCAR to witness the speed of the cars


2. NASCAR is considered to be the most popular sports in America


3. The top three sanctioned series in NASCAR are the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series


4. The eligible race cars in NASCAR are Ford Fusions, Dodge Charger, Toyota Camry and Chevrolet Impala


5. Some known sanctioned series in NASCAR are the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, PEAK Mexico Series, NASCAR Pinty’s Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and NASCAR Home Tracks


6. There are over 100 tracks which are located in countries like the US, Canada, Mexico and even Europe


7. If you are new to the sport, you can learn about the drivers and also what racing is all about


8. You can learn so much strategy, technique and skills about the way drivers drive and how well their crew play a major role in helping them win the race


9. If you do not want to watch it on TV, you can try to make time to actually witness a race live in person to get the real excitement out the races




10. Fans love the loud sounds and smell of the cars


11. Fans love how fast the car goes on the track


12. NASCAR fans love to hang out in the little carnivals that are create by the outside of the venue when attending NASCAR events. They can also take advantage of the good food and souvenirs that they can purchase


13. NASCAR is fun to watch


14. Some people love to watch NASCAR just to see car crashes


15. You can watch your favorite NASCAR driver behind the wheel


16. NASCAR is a family sport


17. You get to see a lot of competition take place between all the drivers


18. Some of the races may involve drama between drivers that many fans are waiting to see


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