Benefits of Watching the MLS Cup



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The MLS Cup is the championship match between the top teams from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference championship in MLS (also known as Major League Soccer).

This final game takes place on Saturday and it will showcase the final two teams battling out to win the cup and also bring home the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy. Not only will the winner get to take home the trophy, they also get a slot in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Benefits when watching this match is seeing how entertaining the game is, seeing your favorite team playing in the finals and getting to watch your favorite superstar play in the game.

Let’s now take a quick look at more benefits of watching the MLS Cup below:



1. The MLS Cup is fun and exciting to watch


2. There is only one game in the MLS Cup which takes place on Saturday


3. The game is shown on local television for many soccer fans to watch


4. You get to see your favorite stars in action


5. You can throw a MLS Cup match party with family and friends


6. You can place online bets on the team you want to win


7. Your favorite MLS team may make the MLS Cup this year, which is a good thing




8. The two teams that play in the final match may be rival teams, which can be exciting to watch


9. You get to see fans sing songs during the match


10. You get to see nonstop action for 90 minutes


11. There are no commercials until halftime


12. You get to see different teams win the Cup versus other leagues in Europe (Premier League, La Liga, etc.) where the same couple of teams win their leagues over and over again


13. It is broadcast nationally not in USA and Canada but also more than 170 countries and territories worldwide


14. You get to see MLS Cup Central Pregame Show before and after the match


15. You can find a way to stream it on your phone or online if you are not at home



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