Benefits of Watching the Olympic Games

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games (also known as the Olympics) is an international sporting event that takes place during the summer and winter. These games takes place in a selected host country and it involved thousands of athletes represents their country by participating in variety of sports.

The Olympic Games took place more than 2,700 years ago and to this day, more than 200 nations participate in this worldwide competition, as they try to bring home a Olympic medal back to their country.

There are many benefits when watching these games such as representing your country in the biggest event in the world, watching your favorite athlete participate going against other athletes in their sport and how fun it is to watch these games.

Let’s now take a look at more benefits that occur when you watch the Olympic Games below:


1. The Olympic Games occur every four years, with Summer and Winter Games alternating by every four years, but two years apart


2. You get to see your favorite athlete compete against other athletes in their sport


3. You can watch more than 30 different sports in these games


4.The Olympic Games are watched by millions of people in the world


5.You get to witness record breaking finishes in many events


6. In the Olympics the gold medals are awarded for first place, silver medal for second place and bronze medal for third place


7. The Olympics take place for two weeks


Olympic Games


8. You get a chance to see an athlete’s journey on making it to the Olympics


9. You can support your country as well as other countries that you happen to like


10. The Olympics may come to your country and you can watch it live


11. You can watch it on many channels that offer Olympic viewing


12. You can watch your favorite Olympic sport


13. You get a chance to the hard work many athletes go through


14. Watching the games may have you wanting to become an Olympian


15. It’s fun and exciting to watch



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